Rock School

I'm a stubborn son of a bitch.
So I said, "Okay, we're gettin' together
every Saturday until you guys get this. "

Then it was only three
or four Saturdays later...

where the kids I was bringin' to the thing
were so much better.

All the strings...
Big ideas I was able to express in
concrete terms that kids could understand.

So... And I loved it.
It wasnÂ’t just like,
"Since my band didn't make it...

I'll teach guitar,
and I'll be all bitter. "

I was like, you know, "This is cool.
And I don't have to carry equipment. "

It was only a matter of time from there
that a friend of mine...

who had heard us jamming
and working on things said...

"Why don't you guys play
at my art opening?"

Let's do it!
And the kids were amazing.
There were, like, 200 people there.

There was, like, glass windows outside,
and people were six deep outside.

At that point, I was like,
"Okay, this is somethin' here. "

- Tucker, just do it.
- Okay, fine.

I wanna be a musician
when I grow up...

because I wanna go on tour.
And that's the reason why
I wanna be a musician.

I want... Wait.
What was the question you asked?

I wanna be a musician
when I grow up so I can...

so I can, like, go to concerts...
- Hello.
- Get free tickets to go to places.

- Hello.
- And things like that.

AC/DC's really simple.
And all you do is...
One and two and three and four.

One and two and three and four.
Collins twins. You know,
I think they... They go to school.

I think it's hard for them
to practice a lot on their own.