Rock School

- Tucker, just do it.
- Okay, fine.

I wanna be a musician
when I grow up...

because I wanna go on tour.
And that's the reason why
I wanna be a musician.

I want... Wait.
What was the question you asked?

I wanna be a musician
when I grow up so I can...

so I can, like, go to concerts...
- Hello.
- Get free tickets to go to places.

- Hello.
- And things like that.

AC/DC's really simple.
And all you do is...
One and two and three and four.

One and two and three and four.
Collins twins. You know,
I think they... They go to school.

I think it's hard for them
to practice a lot on their own.

But they don't... I'm not sayin'...
They're nine-year-olds.

They need to work
a little more on music.

One thing I don't really like is people
appreciating the novelty of playing music.

So, even if you're nine...
I mean, that's the whole point
of what we do here is not...

"Come look at kids play music. "
It's, "Come and look at kids
play music well. "

I learned a long time ago...
if you don't tell a kid what
they can't do, they may never find out.

I'm not gonna cut them short
and say...

"You're nine. Let's put you on stage
and not turn your volume up. "

You know. Who knows?
Maybe Tucker can play drums.

And maybe all it takes
is someone believing in them...

in a way where it's, like,
all you gotta do is practice.

You know, C.J. Makes it hard
for everybody else.

C.J.'s 12, and look how good he is.
I'm gonna be in a band.
I'm gonna be writin' songs.

Yeah, I'm gonna sell millions.
Stuff, hopefully.
We tried baseball,
and I think he tried soft... soccer?