Rock School

Always been an ambitious person,
and, you know, wanna do special things.

I've always loved kids.
I've always loved teaching.

I mean, I'm just...
I teach all the time.

Can you say Jethro Tull?
Jethro Tull?
Watch this.
He likes it when Daddy
rocks the fat beats. Right?

November 20 of 2002,
I had a son...

Walden McKinley Green.
He's a very cool boy,
and in some sense has changed me.

Lisa wouldn't say so.
Lisa says I go on about my life
like nothing ever happened.

But I'll tell you. I mean, it makes...
It puts things in perspective, you know.

It's, like, the next step. You know,
I love kids, and now I have my own.

And now I have an excuse to
coach Little League in a couple years...

so it's not weird.