Rock School

I've always loved kids.
I've always loved teaching.

I mean, I'm just...
I teach all the time.

Can you say Jethro Tull?
Jethro Tull?
Watch this.
He likes it when Daddy
rocks the fat beats. Right?

November 20 of 2002,
I had a son...

Walden McKinley Green.
He's a very cool boy,
and in some sense has changed me.

Lisa wouldn't say so.
Lisa says I go on about my life
like nothing ever happened.

But I'll tell you. I mean, it makes...
It puts things in perspective, you know.

It's, like, the next step. You know,
I love kids, and now I have my own.

And now I have an excuse to
coach Little League in a couple years...

so it's not weird.
Classical music,
that's, like, a thing now.

You know, you play classical music
for your baby to make them really smart.

I really just think
it was so boring to him.

And then we put Frank Zappa
on one day...

and he was like...
he was, like, kicking his legs,
smiling and just laughing.

And he loves Frank Zappa,
which Paul's very happy about.

- All those acoustics...
- Extreme.

On a serious note, keep a little whatever...
whatever it is you do...

in your heart for C.J., who had
an operation yesterday on his leg.