Salaam Namaste

And how is Ambar getting the money ?
- She's taking a loan against her salay

l hope you guys know
what you're doing.

All this is happening so fast..
- Are you really saying this ?

One afternoon you meet five girls:
next morning you've married one of them

And l'm regretting it now.
You don't know these girls !

Firstly, their logic switch
is permanently off.

And if they ever switch it on by mistake,
the regulator always stays on zero

But that's true.
Amby, where do you want..
Has all the stuff arrived ?
ls this.. staying up there ?
Yes, why ?
:49:49 lt's vey nice.
You're right.
l'll put it up in my bedroom.
Nick !
We are moving back together.
Are you Okay, podgy ?
- l'm all right, okay

Amby, guess what..
You okay, podgy ?
So, she turned her logic switch on ?
- No, l turned mine off.

Thought so. So the divorce is cancelled ?
- Absolutely. Cancel, cancel, cancel

Until when ? - Forever.
But still, please keep a room for me.
You never know when she'll kick me out

Sory buddy, that's Ambar's room.
- What do you mean ?

Which word didn't you understand,
Ambar or room ?

l didn't understand anything.
Dude ! You'll live in separate rooms ?

What's he saying in Hindi ?
ls he laughing at me ?

Yes, he's being vey rude.
They're living in together but in
different rooms. Can you believe it ?

Oh podgy-wodgy, stop it !
You guys can go to your separate rooms,
we're going to our single room

All right guys, see you man. Bye.
Living separately, can you believe it?
Two different rooms ! Unbelievable. !

Today's the first day so
you don't have to cook dinner.