Salaam Namaste

We are moving back together.
Are you Okay, podgy ?
- l'm all right, okay

Amby, guess what..
You okay, podgy ?
So, she turned her logic switch on ?
- No, l turned mine off.

Thought so. So the divorce is cancelled ?
- Absolutely. Cancel, cancel, cancel

Until when ? - Forever.
But still, please keep a room for me.
You never know when she'll kick me out

Sory buddy, that's Ambar's room.
- What do you mean ?

Which word didn't you understand,
Ambar or room ?

l didn't understand anything.
Dude ! You'll live in separate rooms ?

What's he saying in Hindi ?
ls he laughing at me ?

Yes, he's being vey rude.
They're living in together but in
different rooms. Can you believe it ?

Oh podgy-wodgy, stop it !
You guys can go to your separate rooms,
we're going to our single room

All right guys, see you man. Bye.
Living separately, can you believe it?
Two different rooms ! Unbelievable. !

Today's the first day so
you don't have to cook dinner.

Wow, thanks boss.
Shall we order in?
Sure. What do you feel like having ?
Chinese ? Mexican ? lndian?

Pizza. A nice, hot, crispy, yummy pizza.
My mouth's watering.
You don't like pizza ?

No, it's not that. l only..
- Forget it. Let's get something else.

No, l'm fine with pizza.
l've had pizza. l..
Nick, you don't have
to like everything that l do.

But l like pizza.
l owe you three dollars.
- You had only one slice, so one dollar.

Let's settle accounts on Sunday ?
And this one's my treat.
Wow. Thank you.
What do l get ?
One second.
Ambar, meet Romeo.
Romeo, meet Ambar.

Oh, Romeo says hi.
- Hi Romeo. Where's Juliet ?

ln my room.
But don't wory Romeo.
Nothing will happen
between us in your absence.