Salaam Namaste

l don't know.
l haven't thought about it.

l guess, with time we'll
both realise what we want.

How much time ?
- What do you mean ?

Nick, we stared living
together for a reason..

to get to know,
to understand each other.

This wasn't a relationship,
it was the beginning of one, right ?

So we made a beginning,
and l think it's a vey good beginning.

l like being with you.
You like being with me.

So shouldn't we think
about this relationship now ?

Don't tell me you're
talking about marriage ?

Are you ?
l don't know.
Amby, you're the one who said that
you're not ready for marriage..

that you can't even think about it now.
- Yes. l couldn't think of marriage then.

l didn't know what l wanted from life.
But now l know.

What do you know ?
That l want to be with you
for the rest of my life.

Ambar, l like living with you too.
And we are living together.

Then why..?
Because l love you.
And maybe l want the right
to have a say in your life..

and l want to give you that right too.
Do you still think
we don't know each other ?

Why are we afraid of giving
this relationship a name, Nick ?

Amby, listen to me.
This will complicate everything.

Please don't ruin this.
You've just been
through a major trauma.

l know this was not easy for you.
Just let it be for a few days and..
l didn't get the aborion done.
What ?
And then l saw the hands
and the beating of the hear.

lt was a life Nick..
living inside that woman,
a life now inside me.

l can't destroy it.
What the.. listen to yourself.
What are you saying ?
You have a life !

Your studies, your work, us damn it !