San wa

you life style is not very illustrious
How do you manage?
last year our research funds were reduced by half
not enough funding to complete our plans
I have sold the house
and moved into the work room
good place, very spacious
Why have you come back suddenly,
is America not so good?

I have come back specifically to help you
solve your funds problem

may I?
I want you to help me with a matter
you are coming in clear William,
I am Dr. Chen

the Arab League organization
I am Qi, I welcome you in joining our
counter- gravity research

counter- gravities?
these are my laboratories, come and look us over
we have asked Dr. Smith to introduce you to us
welcome doctors
science has defined that as rotation increases
it may cause an event where the material
weight reduces

through our research, we hope to make
such a conclusion

these are one of a kind,
extremely expensive tests

we do not have the means to make our
investment practical

as we may not be able to continue to use the
existing biological matter in the experiment

because the biological matter simply cannot
withstand to this kind of rotational speed

thank you, Qi
no need for thanks
I do not understand, your university reading
material was Neo-Confucianism

I have read the archeology,
how does this help you

I had hoped to make a mystical phenomena breakthrough
do you remember writing this article?
More than 2,000 years ago, the frontier was a small
country, south was an emperors lands

where once an emperor after dying becomes an immortal
But his coffin containing his corpse floats in the air
it was your article that gave me inspiration
I have the comic book the myth was in,
I will lend you it to look at

it does not have to be scientifically confirmed
very many similar matters may be called myths
hey, Jake! Jake!
50 years ago the mobile phone was a myth