San wa

through our research, we hope to make
such a conclusion

these are one of a kind,
extremely expensive tests

we do not have the means to make our
investment practical

as we may not be able to continue to use the
existing biological matter in the experiment

because the biological matter simply cannot
withstand to this kind of rotational speed

thank you, Qi
no need for thanks
I do not understand, your university reading
material was Neo-Confucianism

I have read the archeology,
how does this help you

I had hoped to make a mystical phenomena breakthrough
do you remember writing this article?
More than 2,000 years ago, the frontier was a small
country, south was an emperors lands

where once an emperor after dying becomes an immortal
But his coffin containing his corpse floats in the air
it was your article that gave me inspiration
I have the comic book the myth was in,
I will lend you it to look at

it does not have to be scientifically confirmed
very many similar matters may be called myths
hey, Jake! Jake!
50 years ago the mobile phone was a myth
airplanes are myths,
landing on the Moon is huge myth

if I had lived 50 years ago
computers and the digital sciences and technology
are not equally myth?

Do you know has how many people are currently
studying this science?

if you let me study it successfully,
I can change humanity's history

our future lives, in ground transportation
airborne flights, even future space immigration
they all have very close relationships with this
particular science and technology:

I know this treasure is very important in your work
but nobody has entered this ancient tomb
archeology is my work, but I have my principles
I do the research, I do not break my principles and
rob a graves
after so any years, you have not been
able to forget that matter

some matters, I cannot forget for a lifetime:
it has been long since I played basketball with you