State Property 2

Before I was Beans...
the so-called ringleader
of the ABM...

man, I was just Beans...
your average bad-ass

runnin' around the streets
of Philly with my homeys.

There was four of us...
P-Nut, Baby Boy, D-Nice...
and me...
all day, every day...

pickin' fights,
pickin' pockets...

used to hop the train...
roll on people
for their lunch money...

stick up corner stores
with cap guns.

Shit, you know,
anything to get in trouble.

Shit, that's how we had fun.
Hey, come here!
Man, for me, an unlocked door
was always an invitation.

When I was a kid...
you know, I never
got into any real shit...

till one day...
Oh, shit. I found some weed.
- Where? Where?
- Take it!

What we gonna do with it?
Fill your pockets, Gs!
Put the bags anywhere!
Come on!

Look what we have here...
a bunch of
young punk motherfuckers...

tryin' to steal from me.
Y'all niggas think y'all men?
Y'all niggas think that y'all
can come here and take my weed?

Now, what should I do to you
little greasy ass niggas?

Should I kick your ass?
Or should I make you
get down or lay down?

Come here, little nigga.
Come here.
You know what this is?
You come in here...

and try to take my weed,
little nigga?

I'm gonna make
an example out of y'all.

I think I should kick
your ass...

and then make you
get down or lay down.

See what I'm sayin',
little nigga?

You hear me?