State Property 2

Oh, shit. I found some weed.
- Where? Where?
- Take it!

What we gonna do with it?
Fill your pockets, Gs!
Put the bags anywhere!
Come on!

Look what we have here...
a bunch of
young punk motherfuckers...

tryin' to steal from me.
Y'all niggas think y'all men?
Y'all niggas think that y'all
can come here and take my weed?

Now, what should I do to you
little greasy ass niggas?

Should I kick your ass?
Or should I make you
get down or lay down?

Come here, little nigga.
Come here.
You know what this is?
You come in here...

and try to take my weed,
little nigga?

I'm gonna make
an example out of y'all.

I think I should kick
your ass...

and then make you
get down or lay down.

See what I'm sayin',
little nigga?

You hear me?
I didn't choose to be
in this game.

The game chose me.
My first body...
Shit, I was turned out.

From that day on,
it was get down or lay down.

So I grew up,
got into the drug game.

Before you knew it...
I was the number one
street nigga in Philly...

but then my team got reckless,
and I got booked.

They ain't
only locked me up...

man, they booked me
the fuck up something crazy...

right in front of my wife
and my daughter.

But you know how the feds play.
They do what the fuck they want.
I'm fuckin' callin' my lawyer!
I swear to God!

They had me
for attempted Murder One...

four counts of traffic,
and plus a parole violation.

I know they couldn't hold me
on the weight...

'cause I never touched shit...
but attempted murder
on parole with two priors...

How they say it?

I'm on trial for my life.
Shit was real.

My whole future
was on the line...

and it was
all in the hands...

of this one nut-ass nigga...