State Property 2

I didn't choose to be
in this game.

The game chose me.
My first body...
Shit, I was turned out.

From that day on,
it was get down or lay down.

So I grew up,
got into the drug game.

Before you knew it...
I was the number one
street nigga in Philly...

but then my team got reckless,
and I got booked.

They ain't
only locked me up...

man, they booked me
the fuck up something crazy...

right in front of my wife
and my daughter.

But you know how the feds play.
They do what the fuck they want.
I'm fuckin' callin' my lawyer!
I swear to God!

They had me
for attempted Murder One...

four counts of traffic,
and plus a parole violation.

I know they couldn't hold me
on the weight...

'cause I never touched shit...
but attempted murder
on parole with two priors...

How they say it?

I'm on trial for my life.
Shit was real.

My whole future
was on the line...

and it was
all in the hands...

of this one nut-ass nigga...

C-Zer had this little front.
He ran a chop shop
around the way...

made his money
off of running keys...

for that Dame nigga,
and, as you know...

everything Dame had,
I was takin'.

What's up, C-Zer?
So I made C-Zer an offer.
Remember I asked you, uh...
was you gonna
get down or lay down?

He refused.
I'm not tryin' to get down.
But I insisted.
Well, lay down, C-Zer.
About five times.
Unfortunately for C-Zer,
he lived.

Hard-head motherfucker.
but we took care of it, though.

On the night before the trial...
I sent Baby Boy and D-Nice
up to C-Zer's mom's crib.

We ain't got no sympathy
for you, old lady.

You could stop cryin'.
They showed her flicks
of the whole family...

addresses and all...
told her if her son
testified against me...

they was gonna tie her up
and make her...

watch them execute
their whole fuckin' family.

Call him! Get him
on the phone right now!

Shit, I don't know how
Baby Boy got them flicks...