State Property 2

and once again,
we flooded the streets.

I mean, everything was moving.
1,000, 2,000, 3,000.
Man, we back, nigga.
They can't count us
the fuck out now.

This is what the fuck
I'm talking about. We back.

Hey, yo,
you move the slowest shit.

Get the fuck out of here, nigga.
Getting this money is
what the fuck I'm doing, nigga.

Loco, nigga.
Yeah, I know who this is.
What's up?

You got that bread next week?
Next week?
Nigga, you can have it tonight.

Matter of fact, wait till
tomorrow, El Poco Loco.

This nigga funny as shit, man.
- Clown ass.
- Yo, man, funny as shit, man.

This is what I'm about to do.
I'm goin' back to the block
and get some more of this money.

This ain't no money, man.
This is their money.

I need my money. Huh?
- Where you going with that?
- What the fuck you mean?

I see a nigga
with a hundred something grand.

Nigga, you out
your rabid ass mind.

Where y'all burners at?
You know niggas got caught up,
had to toss them burners...

- Cut it the fuck out, man.
- Are you serious?

Beans was right.
His crew was true hustlers.

Baby Boy told me he had
my 90 grand five days early.

Apparently, El Plaga was
real happy when he heard that...

but he still wanted me
to holler at the Dame nigga.

I been in Philly for four years.
I still ain't
want to meet this nigga.

But El Plaga figured
if I hook up with him...

then there'd be
no one standing in my way...

so I paid Dame
a little visit at his spot.

My name is Dame.
My good friends call me...
Some of my other friends
call me...

Young Fresh to Death...
'cause I love to pop tags.
I'm the head of The Umbrella.
If you ain't under it,
you're gonna get drenched.

I came up on
the streets of New York.

We were crack broke...
not even a pair of decent kicks.