State Property 2

Beans was right.
His crew was true hustlers.

Baby Boy told me he had
my 90 grand five days early.

Apparently, El Plaga was
real happy when he heard that...

but he still wanted me
to holler at the Dame nigga.

I been in Philly for four years.
I still ain't
want to meet this nigga.

But El Plaga figured
if I hook up with him...

then there'd be
no one standing in my way...

so I paid Dame
a little visit at his spot.

My name is Dame.
My good friends call me...
Some of my other friends
call me...

Young Fresh to Death...
'cause I love to pop tags.
I'm the head of The Umbrella.
If you ain't under it,
you're gonna get drenched.

I came up on
the streets of New York.

We were crack broke...
not even a pair of decent kicks.
Psych, I'll always be
fresh to death.

You see, I got this problem.
I'm addicted to getting money.
I need all the dough.
Some call me greedy.
I call myself a cakeaholic.
So I do all kind of things
to make all kind of money.

You should already know
I'm a super duper big cat...

so of course I pick up...
about a hundred of them things
from the airport...

and I do it in style.
I got the baddest chick
on the planet...

delivering it to me.
She'll do anything I say...
a real soldier.

I tell her what to do,
and she does it...

no questions asked.
She loves me to death.
Hello? You going to make me
carry the bags by myself...

all that way, motherfucker?
First of all,
you promised me a G-4...

not a Challenger.
I might as well be flying coach.
That's, like, a thousand dollar
fine right there.

And second of all,
that freeze-dried food.

You better be taking me
to Mr. Chow's...

for some squab right now...
because that shit
was disgusting.

And by the way,
look at my boots.

These are my favorite boots.
I got water stains
on my boots...

because that dumb ass
flight attendant...