Statski sovetnik

That makes things different:
a 1 4-year-old girl old enough
for a revolutionary client.

A new method, secret photographing.
- Have a look.
- How disgusting.

My dear, you rather belong
with anarchists,
with their primitive morale.
Your lot won't forgive you this.
Some pirouette for the pure
revolutionary cause.

After this they would believe
any obscene thing about you.
l know what your crowd is like.
How can you know?
Frankly speaking, l feel for you.
Such a waste of talent.
Why should you need these
dull tape-worms?

You're an adventurous, jovial,
reckless fellow.

You're like me: l'm a gambler too.
So l suggest that you make up your mind.
We shall play a wonderful game,
like in British football, at one touch.
Your bombs is nothing.
There'll be a risk for you and danger.

Give me something to drink.
Some tea?
With cognac, compliments of Mylnikov?
Admit, you're just a puppet
for your party leaders.

l suggest you become a puppeteer instead.
lsn't it attractive?
l'll pull at their strings,
and you'll pull at mine.