Torremolinos 73

Amateurs with talent.
Shoot it. You're gonna
miss it! Cojones!

Where would you like the premiere?
Good shot.
- Did I hit it?
- Bull's-eye.

You don't have to worry
about anything.

You direct. That's your thing.
I'll be in charge of the production.
It'll be delicious in a stew.
Where did everybody go?
Anywhere but here.
Come on, it's February
and you're on the coast.

Sorry if I'm nosy,
but why did you come to Torremolinos?

- We're going to make a movie.
- You're kidding. Who's in it?

Máximo Valverde
and Carmen García.

That Carmen, I don't know her
but her name sounds familiar.

What's it about?
An attractive millionaire widow
decides to stay a few days

in Torremolinos at the hotel
where she spent her honeymoon.

In the hotel she meets
a mysterious man

who looks just like
her dead husband.

I only like movies where
Bud Spencer and Terence Hill

beat each other up
- ping, pang! Those are good!

The best!