Torremolinos 73

Where did everybody go?
Anywhere but here.
Come on, it's February
and you're on the coast.

Sorry if I'm nosy,
but why did you come to Torremolinos?

- We're going to make a movie.
- You're kidding. Who's in it?

Máximo Valverde
and Carmen García.

That Carmen, I don't know her
but her name sounds familiar.

What's it about?
An attractive millionaire widow
decides to stay a few days

in Torremolinos at the hotel
where she spent her honeymoon.

In the hotel she meets
a mysterious man

who looks just like
her dead husband.

I only like movies where
Bud Spencer and Terence Hill

beat each other up
- ping, pang! Those are good!

The best!
What about you?
What are you doing in the movie?

I'm... the director.
Oh, god.
Good evening!
How are you, Carmen?
- Alfredo...
- What's up?

- Nice trip?
- Very nice, thanks.

Come with me. The boys
are anxious to meet you.

Carmen, do you mind?
Carmen, I'll be back in five minutes.
Honey, it's the crew...

Look Alfredo, this is Lauritz,
the director of photography.

A pleasure.
His assistant, Ole.
A pleasure.