Where the Truth Lies

He was in a lot of the material
I've been looking at.

No, I never had a Reuben.
Lanny always paid him directly.
He was Lanny's man.

You know, what I like is to...
It's to have the freedom...
...to get up and leave
without telling anyone about it...

...any time of day.
Or even having to say goodbye.
To be backstage, surrounded
by acrobats, actors, magicians...

...it was intoxicating.
You know, I was only 12 years old.
That's a...
That's a pretty impressionable age.
- To hear all these stories of touring...
- My father always told me...

... that nothing had meaning
unless it could be put on the record.

Yet things had changed.
As Vince had pointed out
at our first meeting...

... it had become fashionable
to put yourself into the story.

The question became
how far you were prepared to go.

- Excuse me. That's not mine.
- Oh, I'm sorry.

Aren't you Miss Trout?
We've met,
on the plane to New York.

- Reuben.
- Excuse me, sir.

Can I leave you
for just a second, please?

I'm so deeply sorry, Miss Trout,
the way you were treated.

- He could have left a note.
- Of course.

Miss Trout, I would like you
to understand something.