Where the Truth Lies

The question became
how far you were prepared to go.

- Excuse me. That's not mine.
- Oh, I'm sorry.

Aren't you Miss Trout?
We've met,
on the plane to New York.

- Reuben.
- Excuse me, sir.

Can I leave you
for just a second, please?

I'm so deeply sorry, Miss Trout,
the way you were treated.

- He could have left a note.
- Of course.

Miss Trout, I would like you
to understand something.

I have a great loyalty to Mr. Morris.
He's treated me very well.

I'm very grateful.
He has done wonderful things
for many people...

...and I have been privileged
to work for him.

But I do have certain principles...
...especially about how women
are to be treated and respected.

Mr. Morris can be very attentive,
but once he has a woman...

Oh, God, I think
it's almost a sickness.

When he left you that morning...
...you may have felt bad,
but believe me, Miss Trout...

...to have him out of your life...
...is the best thing that
could have happened to you.

At that point, you may have felt
your life was wounded.

It wasn't.
It was saved.