Bambi II

Ha! Where you going, Princey?
Not this way.
Try again.

(Thumper) Help! Help!
There's this thing,
and it's got these eyes,

and these claws like... grrr!
And it walks around like this.
Hai, hai, hai.

And, well, you gotta see it.
Well, come on!
Ha! Try again!
Try again! Try again!

You don't understand.
l have to get across.

Go around. ln my day, we didn't wander
willy-nilly onto someone's property.

We took the long way.
lt sometimes took days,
weeks, in the pouring rain,

'cause we had
a little thing called respect.

Bambi, you did it!
Oh, you did it all right.

(Flower) Behind you! Look out!
Again! (laughs)
Come again!
Hurry up!
lt's right over here.

(porcupine laughs)
Oops. Wrong way.
Nothing here.

(Bambi) Whoa!
- What was that?
- l didn't hear anything. Probably a bird.

Yeah, that's it.
A bird. Ow!

Oh, no.
Ha! That'll teach you.
Think twice before you trespass round here
again. Mind your own beeswax next time.

(fish) Grrr, grrr, grrr.
That's the problem with these kids today.
No respect. No respect at all.

What are you looking at,
you big moose?