Tough job, driving a truck.
Got any other hot news tonight?
I never realised
how tough it was before.

The tough part, you can take that.
It's the monotony that gets ya.

l've been thinking l'm gonna
get out of this trucking game.

Why don't you?
One of the neighbours told my wife
it's stylish to eat three meals a day.

- You married?
- Nope.

Go ahead and whistle. (Rattling Sound)
- That thing bother you?
- What is it?

Here. Stick this wad
of paper in there, will ya?

lt's a pretty good thing to have around,
one of these extinguishers.

l wouldn't be without one.
Now, take the other day.
A big truck
turns over right down here.

The gasoline catches,
and she goes up like a matchbox.

A friend of the
driver's gets caught in it.

If the driver hadn't had an extinguisher,
his pal would have been fried alive.

l didn't see it happen.
l never see anything happen.

I don't even hear about anything,
except what my wife tells me
she sees in the movie pictures.

That's the way she spends the money:
Movie pictures and new hats.

Buys a hat so she can go
to the picture show.

No, sir. I haven't got
anything to whistle about.

Where are you from, bud?
Uh... Los Angeles.
Tough. You work down there?
- Yeah. Well, I did.
- What doing?

I was working in an aeroplane factory.
I was wondering why
you weren't in the army.

They're particular
about the fellows they hire.

That's no more than right. They gotta
be careful they don't get blown up.

l understand if a fellow's
got a police record - no job.

- ls that right?
- Oh, I don't know.

Hey, buddy.
Hold the wheel a while, will you?

I'm a nicotine addict.
Hey, watch it, bud!
Stay on this side of the white line.

Where do you wanna get off
when we get to Springville?

It doesn't matter.
Drop me in the middle of town.