Madame Curie

But then, look at yours.
Stubborn, determined, abstinent
and of course, intelligent.
And then, there's something else
that I can't quite

give a name to. Fiery, is it?
No... Flame-like.
That's a little nearer.

Flame-like then.
Something like a flame.

Once I'm sure I won
and what with that strike of
yours supposed I get out of it.

You're not paying attention.
It's no credit beating anyone
who does not pay attention.

Why, I tried to, Father.
Then you're just plain stupid.
Oh. Leave him alone.
No, sir. That boy has got to
learn to concentrate.

He'll never get anywhere
if he doesn't concentrate.

Did you ever hear
the fundamental law of physics,

known oddly enough as Curie's Law
Sheer luck.
I don't know how Pierre
ever stumbled on to it.

Oh, do be quiet, Eugene.
Croquet always makes me thirsty.
Want to drink?
Thank you, Father.
that croquet always makes me thirsty.

Yes, it stirs up the thirst
in a man.

Nothing like a good drink
of lemonade

after a fast game of croquet
don't you think so, Pierre.
I think you'll be comfortable here.

I'm sure I will.
This is Jacques' room
when he was home

Pierre's brother, you know.
Oh, there he is.

Oh, that. That's Pierre.
Oh, no. Really?
The other two are doctors
of course.

Crazy looking group.
I think it's charming.
Well. I hope you rest well.
Thank you. And thank you for
the lovely day.

I'd been very happy and...
You're very welcome, my dear.
If you care to
postpone your travel to Poland

we'd love to have you
stay with us for time.

It is very kind of you.
I like very much to stay
but I've already
written to my father

and he'd be expecting me.
It's no use, Mother, to talk
Mdme. Scholoscka

of staying on in Paris
It seems that she's determined to
return to Poland,

and apparently as far as
she is concerned

science is to be forgotten.