Stormy Weather

here's your room,
and this is the nursery.

Oh, that's swell, Bill. That's about
the prettiest little house I ever saw.

- But not for us.
- Why not for us?

You know why not for us. We're show
people, on the road day in and day out.

We don't have time
to live in a house like that.

Sure, that's the way it's been
up until now, honey. But-

Oh, but Bill, we've been
over this a thousand times.

I know, but since I've got that Hollywood
contract, we'll have plenty of money.

- You won't have to go on workin'. You can quit.
- Quit?

Sure. You worked long enough.
It's time that you settled down.

And we have a home and-
But, Bill, I don't wanna quit.
I wouldn't be happy unless
I went on with my work, just like you.

Singing's in my blood.
I'm sorry, Selina. I just thought
maybe you'd see it different now.

Bill, I'm afraid I'll never
see it differently.

I'm sorry too.
Selina, then she went to Paris
and got to be a big star over there.

Didn't Miss Selina ever
come back, Uncle Bill?

Not yet.
- Cab Calloway!
- Hi-de-hi-de-ho

- Ho-de-ho
- Ho-de-ho

Hello, Cab!
Hello, Pops. What's all of this?
You never told me 'bout this jive.

I wish they were mine. The neighbor's
kids, just trying to show 'em a few steps.

Run along, kids. See you later.
- Come over and sit down.
- Bill, I guess you ain't as lonesome out here as I thought.

Yes, it's lonesome all right.
But I hate to give up the place in case Selina
ever change her mind and wanna come back.