Christmas in Connecticut

Oh, you paid that back long ago.
This is interest. I'm...
Gee, I knew it.
Such breakfast. Sardines.
You mad at your stomach, darling?
Come here and let me see.
Oh, yummy. Mushroom omelet.
Did you write up those recipes
for next month's article?

- Yes.
- What am I cooking?

Look here.
Breast of gray dove,
sauté with peaches grenadine...

:14:27 points, chicken soup
with Moselle wine, no points.

- Oh, that's wonderful.
- And you can...

- What's the matter?
- That coat! What's the meaning?

Don't worry. I'm paying for it myself.
It'll take my next six months' salary.
Nice, isn't it?
Six months' work for a coat?
All my life, I promised
myself a mink coat.

You know, Felix, it's very important
to keep promises, especially to yourself.

- Do you have to promise so expensively?
- But I needed it.

You need it? Nobody needs
a mink coat but a mink.

You don't know what a mink coat
does for a girl's morale.

Yes, the morale, I know.
I had a silk hat once in Budapest.
A silk hat. It made me feel so fine.
And then I insulted the maitre d'hôtel
and got fired with a silk hat.

Come on, eat.
Mink outside, sardines inside,
that's no good too.

Oh, this is marvelous.
You know, Felix, some time
I'm gonna take time out...

...and learn to cook like you do.
- No, no, no, no.

- No?
- No, no, darling.

Then you would find out
it is not the way you write now.

All easy and fun and...
- Don't cook.
- All right.

I have to go, darling. Goodbye.
Thanks a million.
- Oh, hello, Felix.
- Hello. Goodbye. Merry Christmas.

Don't mention it.
- Hello, Dud.
- Hello, Liz. We're in a jam.

Something terrible is about to happen.
- What?
- Yardley wants to see you right away...

:15:46 his home on Long Island.
Maybe he wants to give me a raise
for Christmas. I've helped circulation.

- No. It's not a raise.
- You look frazzled. You want a drink?

No. No, thanks. Now, it's really nothing
to be nervous about. Not a thing.

Don't be silly.
I'm not nervous. I feel fine.