Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Suppose the ship sank. Which one
would you save from drowning?

Those girls couldn't drown.
-Right in here, mademoiselle.
-Thank you.

My, it's just like a room, isn't it?
Oh, look! Round windows!
Yes, dear.
Just put that there, Frisbee.

And, Frisbee, wait for me
on the pier. Lorelei--

-Where's Dorothy?
-l don't know.

Someone whistled and she disappeared.
Will she be a bad influence?

Dorothy's not bad, honest.
She's just dumb.

Always falling for a man
just because he's good-looking.

l keep telling her, it's as easy
to fall for a rich man as a poor man.

lf they're tall, dark and handsome,
she forgets vital statistics.

That's why l'm her friend.
She needs me to educate her.

Yes, but very few girls have
your wonderful willingness to learn.

-l suppose that's true.
-Put this in a safe place.

-What is it?
-A letter of credit.

That's sweet!
You wrote me before l went away.

-No, a letter of credit is like money.

-Just take it to a bank in Paris.
-That's wonderful!

Write me every day.
l'll be so lonesome.

l bought you
a little going-away present.

Daddy! Daddy!
There's only one of you
in the whole wide world.

Sorry, wrong room.