Friendly Persuasion

I'm hungry. I want some candy.
Thee's had thy breakfast. Come along.
I'm thirsty.
You shoot that squirrel down
three times, you get a beautiful prize.

It's a hit!
How's that?
Got him.
Howdy, Mr. Birdwell.
Say, you're an old squirrel-shooter.
I'll treat you.

Give that man a rifle.
Another marksman here.

That squirrel sits so still
he makes me nervous.

Never mind the comments, just hit...
He did hit the squirrel!
Where's Mattie?
They're over by the quilting booth.
See you later.
Thanks, Gard.
Folks, the man's about to shoot...
He hit it again!
Thee wait right here.
You won yourself one of these
beautiful prizes here.

One of these beautiful pri...
One of these beautiful prizes.
Them prizes was made and manufactured...

:32:42 Pierre of Paris, France.
You heard of him?

I ain't either. The man's having a
hard time to make up his mind here.

For Eliza?
- No, thanks.
- Wait!

You won it fair and square.
I insist you take them, friend.

There! Pair of garters
for your wife to wear!

Or your sweetheart!