Friendly Persuasion

You won yourself one of these
beautiful prizes here.

One of these beautiful pri...
One of these beautiful prizes.
Them prizes was made and manufactured...

:32:42 Pierre of Paris, France.
You heard of him?

I ain't either. The man's having a
hard time to make up his mind here.

For Eliza?
- No, thanks.
- Wait!

You won it fair and square.
I insist you take them, friend.

There! Pair of garters
for your wife to wear!

Or your sweetheart!
Just as soon as you get out of mourning.
Come on.
I want to show you something.

How about a demonstration?
I'd just be delighted.
Delighted. Step right in, gentlemen.
Nothing would please me more.
Low bridge.
Well, Mr. Birdwell, come right in.
Gentlemen, welcome to my organatorium.
Just make yourself at home.

A temple of temptations,
full of instruments of the devil.

Gentlemen, I'd like you to take
a look at this magnificent instrument.

Now, isn't that a beauty?
Just as smooth as silk,
and as fine as frog's hair.

I'll pay two to one if you guess
the shell which contains the pea.