War and Peace

Careful. There's a bet on here.
Go on. Bring me
a bottle of rum.

And you two, break this up.
Now, let's get this straight.
Fifty imperials
against Prince Anatole Kuragin...

that I will drink a bottle of rum
without taking it from my mouth.

Balancing on the outside ledge and not
touching the sides of the windows.

Want to make it a hundred, Anatole?
Fifty's enough for you to lose.
Here. Get down from there,
you weaklings.

Calculus, come on.
- Come on.
- You do it.

Hail Moscow!
Give me that.
Don't be crazy, Dolokhov.
You'll be killed.

If you touch me again
I will throw you down there...

and that goes for everyone
of you here.

Play, play!
What are we paying you for?

Now then, my friends.
Remember, without taking
the bottle from your lips, huh?