It Happened to Jane

I'll do it. I'm gonna go to New York.
I'm gonna take you to New York.
I don't know who's taking me,
but I'm gonna... Wait a minute.

- I do the TV shows, I get paid?
- Right.

And I give it to Malone?
What about the kids?
Well, I'll only be there a day or two, George.
Well, they love you. They're used to you.
Don't worry. She'll be in good hands.
I'll get her a room in my hotel.

You'd better get packed.
We can still catch that night flight.

All right.
- I'll call New York and set things up.
- I'll hurry.

There's a YWCA in New York.
She's quite a gal.
She's a widow with two children.
- They're wonderful kids.
- Listen, old boy.

Now wait a minute, you listen, Denham.
I'm getting a bit weary
of your warnings and insinuations.

Have you got some claim on her?
- A claim? Me? No.
- All right. Every man for himself.

George, would you bring my suitcase?
It's in the garage over the mulcher.

I'm coming!
Of course, that's when he started
charging rent for the tracks.

All right, Jim.
While I applaud your independence
and admire your combative spirit...

I'm afraid I fail to see where defendant
herein has transgressed the legal bounds...

which are the constitutional right
of all citizens.

Harry Foster Malone transgressed
when he murdered my lobsters.

Murdered her lobsters.
I know where he can get a job.
Well, Jim, what's your question?
Actually this, sir. Mrs. Osgood, are you not
invoking sympathy for your cause...

on purely emotional and feminine grounds?
Bright boy.
- What has that got to do with the facts?
- Precisely.