If a Man Answers

All right.
If that's what you want.
How? How could you have said yes
to all three of them?

It was really your fault,

Mine? Mine?
Well, she did it only to please you.
"Get married," you ordered.

As if the sweet, innocent child
were in disgrace.

That unpleasant eventuality
is exactly what I was trying to avoid.

I had no intention
of her reviving polygamy.

And I had no intention
of doing any such thing.

But you were in such a hurry that I didn't dare
take the time to decide which one I really wanted.

It was... Well, it was simply a matter
of getting engaged first...

and sorting them out later.
Well, I am abjectly sorry for anything
I might have had to do, indirectly,

with your multiple choice.
Now, Charlotte, the thing for
you to do is return the rings.

You mean, I...
You heard your father.
Besides, chouchou, for men
you're not desperately in love with,

these rings are much too small.
I thought maybe
if I bunched them up...

Look, Maman...

Oh, Maman, what's the use?
Whom am I ever
gonna get a chance to cook for?

Do you realize that nobody's
asked me to marry them in a week?

Your fire is much too high.
Let it simmer,
and the lumps will work out.

You, Chantal, must simmer also.
You can turn the fire out under me.

I'm finished.
Oh, now.

Greetings, greetings,

You're early.
Mm, yes, I guess I am.
Hello, Father.
Evening, Mr. Stacy.
Good evening.

This old barn's gonna fall down
around our ears one day.

Something is up.
What makes you say that?