Oh, and don't worry
about the mayor.

l'm sure that he can find
the bill of sale for the horse.

(Crowd laughing)
Ladies and gentlemen,
we are here to welcome
the fairest...

What am l doing?
We are here
to welcome back...

the prettiest girl
that was ever born in McLintock,

or in any part
of the territory.

Now, this...
(Steam hissing)
MAN: Hey, Davey!
- Yeah?
- Got something for you!

Yard manager up at the junction
told me to let them ride,

so l locked them in here.
l've had my scalp
a long time,

and l aim to keep it!
(Speaking Comanche)
And now she's
come back to us.

Gone are the pigtails.
But the freckles are still
on the prettiest face...

that was ever born
in McLintock.

(lndians chanting)
Hey, that's Puma.
Then it's true. The government
did turn them loose.

Good old Puma.
l'll never forget
when he brought G.W. home.

Your father had a hole
in his chest and a 104 fever.

Of course, they weren't
very mannerly about it.

He came past the house
at a high lope...

and threw him
on the doorstep.

Then you do remember them
good old days, don't you, Katie?