(Speaking Comanche)
And now she's
come back to us.

Gone are the pigtails.
But the freckles are still
on the prettiest face...

that was ever born
in McLintock.

(lndians chanting)
Hey, that's Puma.
Then it's true. The government
did turn them loose.

Good old Puma.
l'll never forget
when he brought G.W. home.

Your father had a hole
in his chest and a 104 fever.

Of course, they weren't
very mannerly about it.

He came past the house
at a high lope...

and threw him
on the doorstep.

Then you do remember them
good old days, don't you, Katie?

(Chanting continues)
(Chanting stops)
(l)Yatahe, (/l) my friends.
G. W: Puma, honored enemy.
Does Big McLintock forget
we're also blood brothers?

No, l'll never forget that.
Old wound...
does it hurt still?

l feel it when
it comes on to rain.

An inch higher, and l wouldn't
have had to worry.

Aw, Big McLintock,
that was remembered fight.
We return with news.
Our people have more trouble.
You see, l learn good English
now, Big McLintock.

Learned in white man's jail.
But we would have you talk
our cause at government hearing.

l understand that
Governor Humphreys...