(Chanting continues)
(Chanting stops)
(l)Yatahe, (/l) my friends.
G. W: Puma, honored enemy.
Does Big McLintock forget
we're also blood brothers?

No, l'll never forget that.
Old wound...
does it hurt still?

l feel it when
it comes on to rain.

An inch higher, and l wouldn't
have had to worry.

Aw, Big McLintock,
that was remembered fight.
We return with news.
Our people have more trouble.
You see, l learn good English
now, Big McLintock.

Learned in white man's jail.
But we would have you talk
our cause at government hearing.

l understand that
Governor Humphreys...

is going to preside
at that meeting.

Yes, Puma, l'll translate
your wishes.

AGARD: Mr. McLintock, uh...
could l impose upon you
to use your Comanche...

to tell these chiefs that...
Puma is chief of the Comanches,
and he speaks English very well.

Oh, well...
Your people will have to follow
my instructions to the letter.

- lt is the law of the land...
- We go.

Well, now, just a minute...
Well, for heaven's sakes!
(Band plays)
You wait here, honey.
l'll get the buggy.

Are you going
to the McLintock party?

Will l see you there, Beth?
Of course, Davey, and you
can have the first dance.

Sis! Come on.