King Rat

l don't know what you're talking about.
l haven't broken orders.

You will, Marlowe, you will.
lf you sell your soul,
you've got to pay sometime.

Don't give me all that sally army stuff.
l judge a man
by the company he keeps.

Your friend's a crook, a liar
and a thief.

You're right about one thing, Grey.
He is my friend.

But he's not a crook
and he's not a thief.

But he's a liar.
We're all liars, Grey.
You denied the radio.

You gotta be a liar to stay alive.
Do a lot of things to stay alive.
Like kissing a corporal's ass
to get food?

l said it first, Grey.
You won't believe me,
but l said it before you.

He's not interested.
He says the market's very poor.

Yeah, that's why he's here
risking his neck.

Tell him 3000.
Tell him l'm sorry it's overpriced.

-He offers 600.
-Tell him to work it.

No, no. That's a joke.
Now, you're doing very well.

Tell him l can't insult the owner
with such an offer.