Le Voyou

I want this one.
Nice balance.
How much?
Four bills.
How about throwing in some bullets?
You know,
I thought you skipped the country.

Well, go on thinking it.
I've got a job if you want.
I only work alone, you know that.
- Have you seen Martine?
- She's waiting in the car for me.

If I were you, I wouldn't treat her so nice.
If you were me, but you're not.
What are you going to do with this place?
I thought I'd open up a little club
for special tastes.

- I see you've been letting your hair grow.
- Don't you dig it on me?

It's all right.
Well, I'll see you.
I got to put this stuff away.
You know the way out.

Which will it be?
That one.
Well, intellectual.
- You still have an official source of supply?
- Yeah, sure.

The bastards keep upping the price.
Know what a full set comes to now?
5,000 francs.
- Have you seen Martine?
- She's waiting outside.

You know what you're doing.
How's Charles?
- Great, still eats like a horse.
- Good old Charles.

There we are.
What name shall I put down
for you this time?

Edouard Faures. Spelled with an "S."