Soylent Green

There should be a requiem mass,
but there's no room.

- Should I make room?
- This is very important.

I can't help you.
Forgive me. It's destroying me.
- What is?
- The truth.

The truth Simonson told you?
- All truth.
- What is it?

What did he confess?
Sweet Jesus.
- We're closing the Simonson case.
- The hell you say.

You heard me. The Simonson case is
officially closed. Felonious assault. Sign.

Yesterday you agreed
it was assassination.

There's been 137 reported murders since
then, and we won't solve them either.

I'm not gonna falsify that report.
Got a suspect?
I've got leads.
This isn't somebody you scratch
after 24 hours and forget.

I told you there's been a tail on me.
Something stinks here.
- Look, you'll sign this, and I'll bury it.
- Like hell you will.

A member of the board
of the Soylent Corporation...

...was torn apart with a meat hook!
You can't sweep that carcass
under the rug. Who bought you?

You're bought
when they pay you a salary.

Who's they?
High and hot. They want this case
closed permanently! Sign this!

You sign it!
If I close and somebody higher and
hotter wants to know why, it's my job!

Sign it. I'll cover for you.
I won't put my job on the line
for you, Hatcher. Not my damn job!

Hey, big shot.
Hatcher says you're on riot control.