How to Beat the High Co$t of Living

Right! I want to make up!
How you doing, Mrs. Houghton?
- Hi, Mike.
- Fill 'er up?

Nine cents more from last week?

That's incredible!
Well, it's not us.
It's the Arabs.

I'm still making
the same amount of money...

on a gallon of gasoline
as I did in 1958.

You must have made
a bundle in '58.

I'll switch to regular.
I'm sorry, ma'am,
you can't do that.

Your car takes lead-free.
The regular gas...
the nozzle's too big.

It won't fit in your tank.
Shove it in.
Use Vaseline if you have to.

The idea is to keep your car
free from pollutants.

Sorry, Mrs. Houghton,
but your card's been canceled.

Yeah. It's in the new book.
Here, let me...
Can't let you have it.
It's a $25 reward.

Mike, did I mention
that my husband's out of town?

I heard he ran away
with his secretary.

You know what that does
to a woman's confidence?

No. But it sure does
lousy things to her credit.

A girl needs
a strong, virile man...

to help her get back
into the swing, you know?

Mrs. Houghton,
I have no respect for a woman...

who does it for money,
let alone gasoline.

- How much do I owe you?
- 73 cents.