I think I got the idea.
It's enough.
It's enough, damn it.
Where did you get it?
It's been making the rounds of
the stags for the last three months.

Who made it?
That's what we thought
you'd be telling us.

Me? You got the wrong guy.
You should be talking...

You've been nosing around about her,
Samuel, you got us curious.

- What'd you do with Ryan?
- We let him walk.

You did? Swell.
I think I'll do the same.

- You want a nip before you go?
- I could use a snifter after that.

Shucks, Mr. Hammett,
you look terrible.

Beat it, Salt. I'm tired.
I heard you and Ryan got picked up.
Did he tell them
anything at all about Crystal?

What would he tell them
about Crystal?

For that matter, what would
you tell them about Crystal?

For Pete's sake, Mr. Hammett.
You know what I mean.

Hey, look at that. It's going to be the
longest suspension bridge in the world.

And the graft
will probably set a world record too.

Yeah, it's beautiful.
I just hope I live to see it.
Look, Salt, I'm getting tired
of being treated like the village idiot.

Let's just pretend...
Let's just pretend
I'm gonna slap you to sleep

unless I get some straight answers.
It was you that took Crystal away
from the Cameron dame, wasn't it?

- No.
- She was on the run, all right,

but it wasn't some
penny-ante bullshit, was it?

Now Crystal's dead, Salt.
She's down there on a slab
with a sheet over her head.

- Go ask the cops!
- It's all right, he must be...