Vivement dimanche!

Certainly not.
But you recognized his car.
I told you I saw it
only as I was leaving.

What shot pellets go in this gun?
I'd say three.
Nowadays no one uses six but me.
This is Massoulier's gun:
3 shot pellets.

But Massoulier was killed
by two number six shots.

Is that why I'm here?
It's to show you this.
The 6 shot pellets I bought.
I told you myself I use 6!

You also told me
you were the only one to use 6!

You must be kidding!
Look here Vercel...
I may be younger than you,
but I'm not intimidated!

It's going to be a long night.
Tomorrow too.

Then, I'll call my lawyer.
I can detain you for 48 hours
without a lawyer.

Who is your lawyer?
Mr. Clement.
Go ahead, then.
I won't answer any question
till he gets here.

You won't get a peep out of me...
not even the right time!
Good evening, Mr. Clement.
Bring in two chairs
and some sandwiches.

Massoulier's been killed.
I know.
These idiots suspect me.
They want to detain me.

It's their right, but...
I think I was denounced.
Not exactly, but accused
by a loony anonymous phone caller.

- Did you tell them?
- Not yet.

What do you want here?
One day,
I'll find you in my bedroom.

We'll see this with Mme Santelli.