Vivement dimanche!

"Mon amour" a length behind.
"Mon Amour", moves up to
the finish line

and wins by a nose.
Do you remember
"Le Capitaine"?

Mme Vercel's lover?
Her "Amour?"

No, "Le Capitaine" isn't a man,
he's a horse...

Same thing for "Mon Amour."
Horse racing!
That's where all her money went.
Here's my bus.

Check into the racing circles!
How dirty!
Don't you realize?
I'm locked in here,
gagged out,
with the phone ringing all day...
and wild rumors spreading
in town.

You meant well
and were trying to help

but it was up to me
to go to Nice.

Helpful or not...
I wouldn't have lifted a finger
if I'd known you were a killer.
What do you mean?
I know now!
3 days ago, you asked a detective
in Nice to shadow your wife.

I never left town.
You did it by phone
and didn't tell them your name.

You were suspicious of her.
I might as well tell you:
I always knew you were guilty,
but I went along with you