Sixteen Candles

He already asked me if Rudy
was the oily variety bohunk.

Is he?
Don't be cute.

I really love Rudy.
And he is totally
enamored of me.

I mean, I've had men
who've loved me before,

but not for six months
in a row.

I think I'm in love.
So how long have you been
in love, hmm?

Well, it hasn't
really happened yet.

So what's the deal?
I'm not sure
that he knows I exist.

Sam, I really don't
have time for this.

Well, I'm sorry.

I always listen to you talk
about your boyfriends.

Darling, is something
bothering you?

You're really acting like...
an asshole.

And I think
I know what it is.

I think you're jealous
that I'm getting married...

and that I'm getting
all the attention, hmm?

You know, everybody
in this family...

has just gone
totally Outer Limits.

No, Sam.
I think you're just being
a little selfish and immature.

Oh, yes. That's it.

That's exactly it.

You make someone a bridesmaid,
and they shit all over you.

[Gong Clangs]
Very clever dinner.
Appetizing food fit neatly
into interesting round pie.

- It's a quiche.
- Hmm. How do you spell?

Well, you don't spell it, son.
You eat it. [Guffawing]

Dong has only been in
our country a short time, Fred.