Manon des sources

It's possible Anglade did it.
He's so self-righteous that he's liable
to confess other people's sins.

- I'm worried about the girl.
- So am l.

She seemed hostile to you.
She looked at me twice,
as if to say "You're the criminal".

- No, she knows nothing.
- Then why are you worried?

I don't think she wants you.
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Here's to our teacher's good health.

Here's to you!
- What did you think of that sermon?
- Nothing. It's just a lot of talk.

I can't believe the spring dried up
through an act of God.

He implied it was a criminal act.
He probably learnt about it
through someone's confession.

What crime? lf someone here
was guilty, we'd all know about it.

I'm sure he had someone in mind.
- Who?
- Yes, who?

- He looked at Ugolin a lot.
- Especially when he mentioned plague.

- I haven't got the plague!
- You shouldn't joke about such things.

- You smelled the Pernod!
- No, I came on account of the water.

- I've got something important to say.
- To me?

Yes. You can bring our water back.
How can l?
By coming to the procession.
Will you?

If you refuse,
our fountain will never flow again.