Amazon Women on the Moon

it may have happened
just this way.

Hello, dearie. Show you
a good time for a quid.

Throw the wife in for free.
Oh, gents.

Don't you want a girl
to keep you warm tonight?

Me mum told me there would
be nights like this.

Oh, my!
You are a big one,
now, aren't you?

Come on, darlin'.
Mind you, don't you be
steppin' on my feet now.

Aren't you in an hurry!
Now, will you be careful.

Not so rough, da...
Wait a min...

Is this the way
it happened?

Was Jack the Ripper, in fact, a
60-foot sea serpent from Scotland?

Did I take this job
for a quick buck?

We may never know the answers
to these questions. Next week...

Come on.
To recap the three movies
that we reviewed this week...

here on Critics Corner,
Marc and I both gave
a big thumbs up...

to the new Swedish film
directed by, uh, Olaf Svensen.

Olaf Svensen, called
The Winter of my Despondency.

- Haunting abstract symbolism.
- It's arty crap.

Jonathan and I did split,

On the newest teenage romp
called Frat Slobs.

Jonathan, I think,
thought it to be...

a light,
frothy soufflé...

sizzling with youthful
energy. That I did.

On the other hand, I
thought it was pond scum.

You're an albino.
What the hell do you know?

We have a new feature we'd like
to introduce on Critics Corner...

we hope you'll enjoy. We
call it "Real Life Reviews,"

in which we critique the life of
an average person just like you.