Beverly Hills Cop II

If he suspected him,
he would've picked him up.

Well, let's put an APB out on Cain.
We can't. All we got is fingerprints.
We need something else.

- What do we do now?
- Let's go to the gun club.

Wait. It's 11:00.
The gun club's closed.

- So?
- So?

This is a big mistake. A big mistake.
It's breaking the law. Once we cross
the line, there's no way back.

I'll go.
I'll go.
See? Would you lighten up
and take some risks?

Fuck it. Let's go.
Oh, shit. Alarm tape.
There are ways around alarm tape.
If we open this door now,
the connection will break
between the magnets.

If we use this foil,
and you squeeze it
between the two magnets,

then take your gum
to hold it in place.

Now the magnets have the illusion
that the connection's not broken.

Then we take our knife...
open the door without...
(Door opens)
We walk in
without the alarm going off.

You've done that before.
I wasn't always a police officer,
I fractured a law or two as a kid.

Can I have a piece?
- It's my last one.
- Split it.