Eddie Murphy Raw

"Excuse me?"
"I said, where you going?"

"You don't own me."
"You my woman, ain't you?"
"I don't see no rings on these fingers.

"Are you gonna put a ring
on this finger?

"Well, I..."
"Then you don't own me then, OK?

"I don't give a fuck
who you are or what you have, OK?

"You got a whole lot of nerve,
come and ask me where I'm going.

"I don't answer to my father,
I ain't gonna answer to no man.

"Ain't no man gonna tell me
where I can go.

"Who do you think you are?
"To come and ask me where
I'm going? Nobody owns me.

"I own myself.
I am my own person."

And we hear all that shit,
then be, "OK."

"Well, where you gonna be?"
"I'm gonna be where I'm at!

"You don't own me!"
Well, you don't.

You don't own your woman.
"You gonna put a ring on my finger?"

That shuts you right up.
You say, "OK."

I know you spend a lot of your money
on your woman.

And I know you go to the movies
and you go to get the ice cream

and the candy and the flowers
and the anklets and the bracelets

and help her get some clothes.
You spending all your money
on shit you ain't never spent it on.

But you don't own her.
Because theoretically,
that pussy's on lease.

You're leasing the pussy.
With an option to buy.

But be careful, because
you lose half on the trade-in.

You got to be careful.
You gotta have a J-O-B in the '80s.

You gotta have some money,
you can't get no pussy.

Listen to the radio.
That's what it's about.

Listen to Madonna.
"I'm a material girl in a material world,

"you ain't got no money,
you can't have no pussy."

There's a song out now called
"Got to Have a J-O-B
lf You Wanna Be With Me."

And the lyrics go,
"Ain't nothing going on but the rent."

Like if you went up and said:
"Hey, baby, what's going on?"
"The rent, motherfucker."