Eddie Murphy Raw

"You have a job?" "Well, I..."
"Then get the fuck out my face."

Got to have some money. lt says,
"No romance without finance."

And women love them songs.
They be going:

Got to have a J-O-B
lf you wanna be with me

Janet Jackson got a hit record:
"What Have You Done
For Me Lately".

That's what they thinking.
"What have you done for me lately?"

The record start off like that.
"I know he used to do shit for you,
but what has he done for you lately?"

"Baby, I love you."
"What have you done for me lately?"

"You the only thing on my mind."
"What have you done for me lately?"

"We make good love."
"What have you done for me lately?"

Got to have some money
to get some pussy in the '80s.

lt's fucked up, that's why I say,
hey, I'm a target.

lf I ever get married, I have to go off
to the woods of Africa

and find me some crazy,
naked, zebra bitch...

...that knows nothing about money.
She got to be butt naked on a zebra

with a big bone in her nose
and a big plate lip

and a big, fucked-up Afro!
Her Afro... Afro gotta...
Like, Angela Davis see it and go:

"Goddamn, that's some
fucked-up shit."

Afro gotta be fucked up
and one of them picks
with a fist in the back.

And she gotta be butt naked,
because if she got clothes,

she gonna have to put
something in the pockets.

She's gotta be butt naked on
the zebra. And y'all think it's a joke.

I'm gonna walk up and say,
"Hey, how you doing? My name's..."

And she go:
I say, "Miss Murphy. Miss Murphy."
And I'm gonna bring her home.

Y'all gonna go past a newsstand one
day and see me on the cover of JET

with some woman with a big bone
and a plate and a big, fucked-up Afro,

butt naked, and y'all gonna say,
"Eddie must be visiting Africa."

lt'll say, "Murphy Marries Bush Bitch."
I'm gonna be like:

Because I ain't getting caught.
I refuse to get caught out there.
Fuck that.

And I'm gonna bring her home
and lock her up in the house.