Eddie Murphy Raw

"I want you to be happy.
Well, what you want?"

"Give me half, Eddie.
Give me half, Mr. Fuck-you Man.

"Suck my dick, Eddie.
"You motherfucker."
Then I'd be on the front page
of the African Enquirer like this:

So be careful.
Don't get caught in a trap.

Any woman can get
any man she wants

if she puts her mind and pussy to it.
They can have you.

They have figured us out. We're very
easy creatures to figure out.

And women know all they have
to do is cater to our egos enough

and they can have you. Guys,
how many times have you fucked

some ugly bitch that just kept hanging
around and you had to fuck her?

And then afterwards you be like this,
"I can't believe I fucked this bitch."

They just cater to your ego.
Sometimes you'll see
a real ugly bitch

with a handsome dude.
You say, "How that happen?"

Dude's going,
"Yeah, how that happen?"

Because she catered to his ego.
They can figure us out.

Guys, don't get trapped.
We'll call them "pussy traps".

Let's call them pussy traps.
lt's a trap.
They trap you with the pussy.

They catch you with the pussy, see.
And it's a trap.

The most common trap
is to not give you any, though.

Don't think, "Maybe you're
gonna put a trap on."

The most common is when you ain't
getting any at all, that's the trap.

When you meet a woman
and everything is perfect

and she won't do anything,
it's a trap.

Sometimes it backfires, because a lot
of women play these games with sex.

And ladies like sex just as much as we
do, guys, but they act like they don't.

But they do.
There's not a woman...

There's not a woman in this room
that wouldn't rather be somewhere
else with a nice stiff one in them.

Don't you let them fool you.
They like it just as much as us.
See, ladies sitting there going:

"That's true.
"He's funny, but he's not that funny.
"I'll take a dick over a smile any day.
Yes, I will."

They like it just as much as us,
but they play these games.

Know where it backfires
on you, ladies?

When you go meet a guy,
he wants you, you want him,

you like each other,
everything is perfect,