Eddie Murphy Raw

There can be a cape hanging
out your pussy with a big S on it.

Your man's still gonna go fuck
somebody else, because he is a man.

lt is a dick thing.
Do not try to understand it.

You have to have a dick
to understand this. We are men.

I know a lot of guys sitting out there
right now like this too:

"Yo, Ed, shut the fuck up, man!
"I ain't spent all my money
for this, motherfucker!"

You gonna be driving home tonight
with your wife in the car like this:

"You don't really be fooling around like
Eddie Murphy say you do, do you?"

"No, baby. That's just jokes.
"That Ed sure is funny, ain't he?
"Why don't we change the subject.
Let's talk about something different.

"I don't wanna talk about this stuff."
"I do wanna talk about this stuff.

"Why does he have to lie to me?
I think he was telling the truth.

"lf you fooled around, I would be so
hurt and disgusted, I would wait

"until you went to sleep, I would come
inside the room and kill you."

- Thanks, Eddie!
- We love you!

"Yeah, that Ed sure is funny.
"I ain't got to worry.
As much as I love you,

"I wouldn't fool around.
Let's talk about the Richard Pryor."

"I don't wanna talk about
the Richard Pryor.

"I wanna talk about this,
because if you fooled around,

"I would be so hurt,
you know what I would do?"

"What would you do, baby,
take half?"

"No, I'd wait till you went to sleep
"and I'd come inside the room
and cut your dick off."

"Don't be talking about
cutting off my dick."

"Well, you don't be putting your dick
in nobody else, then."

"Well, I don't play that shit. You cut off
my dick, you better run, goddamn it.