Don't you?
He's and oldtimer.
Yet he failed miserably.
So you suspect Fei's loyalty?
ln our business,
we trust nobody.
l don't like it.
You don't have much choice.
You don't need this?
No use.
Where are you going?
To the States.
Without letting me know?
Without letting you know!
You never gave me chance to talk.
You have time only
for fights and money.

lt's all right for you
to rest in the States.

l won't come back.
l want get married.
Miss, l told you it's impossible now.
With whom?
With Mr. Lu. His parents are mad
about his marriage.

Don't stop me or think nobody wants me.
You must not go.
Why can't l go?
You can't. Listen to me.
You are rotten!
Help please.
None of my business. Carry on.
You leave. How about us?
You never have time for me.
Who do you think l am?
The mint?
No, l never treat you as the mint.
Say, who do you think she is?
Who's treating whom as what?
She was asking us a question.
As the mint, of course.
So he's saying it! Don't deny again.
He's lying. Don't believe him.
Right, l lied. How should l
cheat her now?

Miss, you know well how l treat you.
How did you treat me?
You should know
how l treated her.

l really don't know.
Your voice is too low.
You're driving me crazy.
Miss, don't!
Miss, are you really dropping
everything and leaving?

lt's now or never.
Do you wait for the bullets
to riddle you?

Did l say something wrong?
No, l heard wrong.
Go ahead. Not my business.
Not your business!
She wants to leave!

That's my business.
Talk her out of it.

Miss, please give me
two more years.