How come?
He's crazy.
Any clue about the missing?
None but we find Mr. Ku...
No clue! After all the time!
You are useless.
And your mother asks me
to promote you!

Promoting you up to the heavens.
Speak. What's about this Mr. Ku.
We discover he is not one of
Shanghai's 10 richest men.

He isn't. You are?
Do you look the part?

Say just who he is.
We find he's not only
one of Shanghai's richest...

but he's among the top 10
Chinese rich men.

A very good check!
l don't need you to tell me.
Get out.

l must slip away.
Chief Detective.
No more knocking for you.
l am asking leave.
Asking leave.
Mother is sick.
ls your father sick too?
Get out. Don't ever come back!
Dejected. Must have been
grilled hard.

Return to the countryside.
Be wise. Like me. lt'll come.
Work harder, you'll get promotion.
Mr. Ku, you're still here.
Let me see him off.
Be very careful escorting Mr. Ku.
l will, escorting him
as far as possible.

Bye Bye Mr. Ku.
Where are you taking me?
l know where l'm going but not yours.
Chief Detective.
Why does nobody care to knock?
Sorry, Chief.
l saw Kuo's men armed in the Ritz.
Who are they?
Robbers and all those
on our ''wanted'' list.

Then why did you leave?
Get men over there to arrest them.